About The Author

Shoma Hamamoto was introduced to watches when his grandfather gave him his first Patek Philippe Gondolo pocket watch.
He has been fascinated by watches ever since. Shoma is a regular contributor to Collecting Times, Wristwatch News, and Cultured Collector, to name a few international watch publications. He is also a consultant and curator for private and institutional collections, as well as auction houses. When he’s not working on his upcoming books, Shoma scours the world for collectible timepieces from Omega, Patek Philippe, Cartier, IWC, and many more. His goal is to help you discover and understand these horological treasures, whether you are a first-time buyer, aficionado, or seasoned collector. Driven by passion, he strives to make the transfer of knowledge transparent and enjoyable. If you are yet to collect, Shoma hopes this site will inspire you to explore. If you are a one-watch collector or a 100 watch collector, he hopes this site serves as a reminder of all of the delights watch collecting has to offer.